Accounting services for Small and Medium entities

Accounting in this case done on an annual basis. Once you have completed your accounting year the activities can start.

Charges for accounting services

Charges for accounting services goes by the volume of Transactions. Typically we will charge for each Arch file.

Services Price
Book keeping and accounting for 1 Arch file 600 SGD
Compilation of financial statements + ECI + IRAS submission 400 SGD

What information we need from you

  • Bank Statements
  • Sales Invoices
  • Expense Invoices and Receipts
  • Fixed Asset Invoices (example: Invoice for laptops, computers, software, invoices for equipment and machinery, Sales and Purchase Agreement and payment evidence for Commercial properties etc…)
  • Cashbook (if any)
  • Payment vouchers (if any)
  • Receipt vouchers (if any)
  • Cheque counterfoils
  • Payroll Records (example: Payment advice/evidence to staff, CPF monthly Records)
  • Any other relevant documents which explains nature of accounting transactions

Get all these documents in a file and bring it to us and our consultant will guide you further.

What do you get out of each of the package

  • Complete set of accounts (All ledgers, Cash / Bank book, P&L account, Balance sheet and cash flow statements)
  • Financial statements in Singapore format
  • Director’s report
  • ECI (Estimated Chargeable income ) Computation & submission
  • IRAS form C / C-S Computation & submission

 How to proceed and timeline

Get all the required documents in an arch file, and visit our office for our services. Our consultant will go through the file and let you know if anything required further.

Generally the accounting can be finished in 2 week’s time.